Saturday, August 23, 2014

Quantum Health Newsletter

Giving Thanks is Literally Good For You

GratitudeAdvanced research at the Institute of Heart Math and elsewhere has provided evidence that gratitude is not simply a nice sentiment or feeling. Sustained feelings of gratitude have real benefits, including the following four benefits:

Biochemical changes – Favorable changes in the body’s biochemistry include improved hormonal balance and an increase in production of DHEA, the "anti-aging hormone."
Increased positivity – Favorable changes in the body’s Daily gratitude exercises can bring about a greater level of positive feelings, according to researchers from the University of Miami and the University of California, Davis who studied this process in 157 individuals over 13 days.
Boost to the immune system – The IgA antibody, which serves as the first line of defense against pathogens, increases in the body.
Emotional “compound interest” – The accumulated effect of sustained appreciation and gratitude is that these feelings, and coherence, are easier to recreate with continued practice. This is because experiencing an emotion reinforces the neural pathways of that particular emotion as it excites the brain, heart and nervous system.

Thankfully, gratitude and appreciation can create their own positive psychophysiological holiday in your body – without the necessity of a feast. Sincere self-evoked feelings of gratitude and appreciation are explained in-depth by IHM founder Doc Childre and Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty in their e-book, The Appreciative Heart: the Psychophysiology of Positive Emotions and Optimal Functioning.
QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use the Success & Achievement Vital Force Crystal to create a field around you of increased confidence, charisma, and appreciation.

Putting Your Appreciation on a Graph

appreciationMeasuring someone’s gratitude is quite literally possible with today’s cutting-edge science and technology. So how exactly do you measure gratitude--scientifically?

According to research at Institute of Heart Math, true feelings of gratitude, appreciation and other positive emotions can synchronize brain and heart rhythms, creating a bodywide shift to a scientifically measurable state called coherence. In this optimal state, the body’s systems function more efficiently, generating a greater balance of emotions and increased mental clarity and brain function.

The level of coherence you experience during feelings of appreciation can be measured by sensitive instruments. Coherence also can be measured using heart-rate variability (HRV) –the naturally occurring beat-to-beat changes in heart rate, which can be see in an electrocardiogram (ECG).

Measuring coherence can accurately show heart, brain and nervous-system interactions that are sensitive to changes in emotions. While an individual is experiencing coherence, the heart rhythm appears as a smooth wavelike pattern on an HRV graph. Contrast coherence with incoherence, created by negative emotions such as frustration and anger, which can often disrupt the synchronization of the body’s systems and create jagged or chaotic patterns on a graph.
QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: We've had some reports about Clean Sweep where after spraying it around a person, that person relaxes and becomes more grateful--in some cases, a complete personality shift. Try it, and let us know what happens with you

Shake Your Body...

shaking Let go of the stresses of the day by shaking them out. Release tensions and revive yourself. Shaking seems simple (and is) but is actually a powerful, effective Qigong technique.

Shaking relaxes and warms all of the muscles, organs, joints and fascia of the body and even the multitudes of cells of your body. Whole-body shaking is an excellent way to exercise and detoxify every cell of the body. Besides being an effective warm-up, shaking the body can make bone marrow strong, strengthen the spine, and support the kidneys and adrenal glands. In fact, every organ and tube in the body is enhanced by shaking the body.

Lymph flow is enhanced so that more gunk is cleared out and your immune function improved. Blood flow increases and hormonal secretions will benefit your skin. Bouncing up and down like this also adjusts the magnetic field, organizing and balancing it. Shaking can strengthen cells through the quick, extra force each shake places on the cells. It adds a sudden dollop of extra-gravitational force, creating a need for all of the cells to buck up. It can help sagging tissues regain or hold their tonicity. So shake it out!
QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use E-4 Formula prior to your shaking exercise to assist the body in coming to homeostasis, or balance of upper and lower energy centers. Plus, E-4 will assist in removing toxins shaken loose from the exercise and further strengthen the immune system.

Company & Product News

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Personally, from the president...

The Power of Re-Framing

re-frame There's a fun game I learned in my comedy improv class that goes something like this: One person in the group is chosen to be, say, the Mayor of a town. Another is chosen to be the Mayor's PR person, or "spin doctor". The Mayor takes questions from the rest of the group acting as investigative reporters asking tough questions. The Mayor must fully admit to the charges and, in fact, go overboard with too much information about his failings. The spin doctor must re-frame the Mayor's words into a reasonable, rationalized explanation of the Mayor's actions.

"Mayor, it's been all over the news that you have done crack cocaine. Is that true?"

"Why, certainly, son! I did the crack cocaine while I was in one of my drunken stupors!"

Spin Doctor: "What the Mayor is saying, is that in order to govern most effectively, he must gain an understanding of the criminal drug element in our city, thus, by doing this sort of research, he has learned valuable information with which to make our communities safer."

I oftentimes find myself being my own spin doctor--attempting to rationalize and make reasonable decisions I've made. It is a type of "re-framing"--making the negative look like a positive. There is power in this, because we are much more willing to take responsibility for our actions if we know they are making a positive contribution to society. Of course, there's a fine line between rationalizing away a crime and reframing your worldview, but it's a similar mechanism.

Well known corporate trainer, Karen Sladick, says, "Reframing is used to alter the meaning of something. When you use reframing, you look for something positive in everything that happens, regardless of how bad it might seem initially. In every situation, you can learn something to help you grow. Reframing can work wonders and keep you in a positive state more often. To reframe, you need to:

  • Change the meaning from negative to positive.
  • Identify what you can learn.
  • Focus on the benefits to be gained."
re-frame In this way, all information coming to you about you, is framed in a positive context, with both praise and criticisms becoming valuable treasures you can use to create a more and more positive worldview.

A personal example, chronic pain has said to me, "You are doing something wrong in your life and it is diminishing your health and hurling you down to death." Or, by reframing, pain becomes: "My body is re-adjusting to my positive affirmations and my intention to live a vibrant, ecstatic life. I'm de-toxing old energies, and replacing them with exciting and wonderful feelings."

By re-framing, you are telling your body that you acknowledge its pain, and believe in its intelligence. Of course, by listening you will also receive information about anything you can physically do to help the body along in its journey to happiness and comfort.

Many of my friends know I've been going through some physical issues, and I've been answering inquiries as to how I'm doing with, "I'm under construction" or "onward and upward". This way, it's much better than saying, "fine," which is actually a lie, and makes me feel isolated. By assuring your friends and loved ones that you are steadily improving, without having to tell a story, they can lend their positivity to yours and the energies can build into a wonderful driving force for good.

As this re-framing process continues, you will start to hear positive things about yourself from others which re-enforces your frame of mind, and actually adds energy to the body in repair.

The body wants to follow your intention. Give it something positive to follow!

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin, President