Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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7 Ways to Bootstrap Your Life

downer Living in the Information Age can be daunting and easily lead to self-doubt and depression, as images and stories of successful, beautiful people (unlike you), do amazing things in the world. Pretty soon, your so-called life starts to look pretty paltry by comparison. Here are some ways to neutralize this game, and put yourself back in a healthy context once again:

Celebrate failure. Feeling cynical or defeated, or that your hard work is not paying off? When there is a disappointment in life, seeing everything as an opportunity will keep you invigorated and challenged in a good way. The ability to adapt and learn is vital to living the good life. The path to success is shared with the path of failure. Celebrate every step of the journey.

Make a living or live brilliantly? Making a living becomes complicated when you wish to live like someone else. Materialism and title are fake substitutes for real affluence--the ability to inspire people. Make a list of what you admire and begin to make changes in your life to reflect your values.

Simplify, minimize, and let go of clutter. The economy provides us with the sustenance of life, but when it becomes the goal, you work like a machine mortgaging your life, losing your passion for living. Investigate new markets that allow you greater life flexibility through stewardship rather than ownership.

Rediscover your inner child through exploration of your inner world. Innovation and automation have provided us with more free time than we’ve ever had. Instead of TV, smartphones, information, and shopping, regain a sense of wonder by looking at every day as another opportunity to explore and learn about your inner world. Focus and your natural state of happiness are cultivated through meditation, prayer, and contemplation.

Be a beacon of light despite a chaotic world. Living "the good life" is being peaceful even when those around you are stirring the pot. When others engage in negativity, don’t get sucked in. Consider ending support of violent media content. Become response-able for you and your corner of the world. Seek common ground with those you come into contact with by supporting needed change.

Reconnect with nature. Do you ever walk your neighbourhood and ask where all the people are? When was the last time you roamed a nature trail? Technology is nice, but it’s not nicer than a sense of community and all the wisdom and health benefits hidden in nature’s vastness. If you’ve forgotten this, stop what you’re doing right now. Come back in 30 minutes and report your findings.

Include service to others in your weekly schedule. Self-love and self-care are certainly important, but keeping a healthy balance between ego and selflessness is the heart of personal fulfillment. In a synergetic world, personal fulfillment and social responsibility are intimately connected. Try volunteering just eight hours a month to discover what you would grumble about at minimum wage. It is a gift — the most exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling gift you could ever give--the gift of you!

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Another factor to consider is the sheer amount of electronic pollution which comes with the Information Age. These Electromagnetic Fields over time can actually affect the immune system and lead to adrenal stress. Suppressed immunity and adrenal fatigue exacerbate pre-existing feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. With your Clean Sweep clearing mist, you can use it on yourself to neutralize a wide spectrum of negative energy from EMF to human emotion.

Writing About Your Life Heals Your Pain

journaling A series of studies have shown that people who take the time to write down traumatic events in their life not only feel better, but actually physically become better, too. Studies show that writing down your pain actually has a positive effect on your immune system. Not only that, it can help with the healing process.

The positive physical effects of writing on the body were first noticed by James Pennebaker in 1986, who was then the chair of the psychology department at Southern Methodist University. Pennebaker asked a number of test subjects write for fifteen minutes about the worst thing that had ever happened to them in their life. Pennebaker contrasted these students to a control group who wrote about normal things, describing their bedroom, a tree outside, or something equally bland. He observed these students for six months. After this period of time, he observed that the students writing about something traumatic went to the doctor significantly less.

Bring this power of "journaliing" into your own life by writing in your journal every day, and you will start feeling much stronger and better. Here are some tips:

Stream of Consciousness - Start by simply trying to describe the events that happened, and then write down your thoughts as they happen, in a stream of consciousness method. Write how you talk; don’t try to force it.

Keep Good Habits - Most professional writers work at the same time every day, usually the wee hours of the morning, so that they didn’t have to feel motivated to write. Just like if you eat at the same time every day, you will no longer experience hunger, writing at the same time every day means you won’t need to feel motivated before writing.

Overcome Writer’s Block One of the best options? Take a walk in nature to recharge your brain and stimulate your creativity. Center and breathe. And the thoughts will come.

A Shift of Perspective - Speak of your life events in the first-person. Then, you may find that switching to the third person becomes more satisfying.

Finding the Reasons - Expressive writing also works better, Pennebaker found, when the students try to make sense of the reasons behind these events. He noticed that they frequently used words like “because,” forming causal associations and positing reasons behind these traumatic events. When we put these traumatic events into a narrative that tries to explore the reasons behind what happens, this act actually helps improve the immune system.

Writing Consistently - There is something to the constant process of churning things up that actually improves the immune system.

Expressive Writing Works Retroactively - A New Zealand study examined patients who wrote about their pain both before and after having a punch biopsy on their arm, a wound that healed significantly faster regardless of whether they wrote before or after the event.

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Placebos Inching Toward Mainstream Treatment

placebo "I treated in excess of five or six athletes during the training session. I'd treat them for five or 10 minutes and they'd say 'I feel much better' and run back on to the training field," recalls Damian Finniss, now a medical doctor and Associate Professor at the University of Sydney's Pain Management and Research Institute.

"But, at the end of the session, I realised that I'd, basically, had the machine turned off." Forgetting to switch his device on at the wall, to no apparent detriment, was a light bulb moment that led Finniss to become a leading researcher on the placebo effect.

It was widely thought that, for a placebo to work, doctors had to deceive patients that they were getting the real deal, and that's problematic for a profession keen to promote informed consent. But a new study casts doubt on whether deceit is necessary at all and, along with a swag of research showing some remarkable placebo effects, raises big questions about whether placebos should now enter the mainstream as a legitimate item for doctors to prescribe.

Led by Oxford University's Jeremy Howick, the study examined five trials of so-called "open label" placebos, in which participants are told they are getting a dummy pill, sometimes with the advice that it has been shown to work through a "mind-body" healing mechanism.

And for conditions that included lower back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, hay fever, depression and ADHD, giving a placebo honestly, the researchers concluded, worked. The possibilities would seem almost limitless.

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This Quantum Life

The Nature of Being Human

rosebud The other day, I found myself in a group visualization meditation with a prominent local psychic. She led us to an expansive garden and then asked us to find the tour guide for the garden, and ask the guide for a special message just for me. Immediately, there appeared a deep blood-red rosebud. The rosebud spoke, saying, "Humans' DNA is programmed just like ours: to bloom into a beautiful flower--to attain a higher state. It is the Law of the Universe."

As we came out of the meditation I was struck with the significance of that comment from the rosebud guide. Essentially, built in to the human DNA is the process of "becoming" or the ultimate evolution, which is spiritual enlightenment and mastery over life. It is built in.

In other words, it is the basic nature of humans to attain higher and higher states of awareness and consciousness. In scientific fact, it has been recently discovered and realized that the human brain operates in as many as 11 mathematical dimensions. These are apparently necessary to "step down" and assimilate the infinitely vast amounts of information inherent in every moment in such as way as to render it coherent to the extremely limited human senses.

Additionally, these dimensional operating modes are capable of accessing multiple universes and high states of consciousness. Psychedelic pioneer, Terence McKenna, made many breakthrough studies about the multi-dimensional nature of the human mind, where, with the help of such psychedelic substances as pure DMT and other plant hallucinogens, he brought back remarkable and repeatable experiences of advanced beings actually "hard-wired" within our lives, helping to guide us to our ulitmate flowering.

This jibes with recent discoveries that are leading some physicists to claim that the entire universe is conscious, and that every particle contains intelligence. Additionally, there have been several studies leading physicists to conclude that sub-atomic particles have the ability to shift instantly to parallel universes and travel instantaneously among them. This "quantum jumping" effect is what makes quantum computing possible--where the computer simply goes to a universe where the proposed problem has already been solved and retrieves the answer.

multidimensional Some researchers have gone as far as suggesting that our own consciousness drives not only what we perceive, but events that occur in our local space-time. In other words, what we desire to see is what the intelligences of the universe deliver to us. Since most of us are buffered from total and complete knowledge of who and what we actually are, the illusion is created that life is "happening to us", when in truth, life is happening as a result of us.

After the meditation session with the rosebud guide, I noticed the guide continued to accompany me for several days. At one point it said, "Humans regulate themselves down. They make themselves less than what they are in order to fit in with cultural norms set by other humans who would control them. Release yourself from control, and become aware of the incredible and infinite power you have available to you as part of the original equipment. In another other word: Bloom!"

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin