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Decluttering Your Life

declutter Brad Stulberg -- Decluttering your life doesn't just improve happiness; it improves performance, too. One of the most popular sections in my book Peak Performance is on the notion of being a minimalist to be a maximalist. Nearly all the top performers that my coauthor, Steve Magness, and I interviewed for the book were highly selective about how they spent their time and energy. It's not that they were overly rigid and had no fun. It's that they only worked on the things that really mattered to them, and they had the confidence to turn down all the things that didn't--think of it as the Marie Kondo approach applied to your time. "If you want to be really good, if you want to master and thoroughly enjoy one thing, you've got to say no to many others," Michael Joyner, a top researcher at the Mayo Clinic, told us for the book.

Decluttering your life may be effective, but that doesn't make it easy, especially in a world characterized by hyperconnectivity and endless opportunities to do more. The decluttering challenge is universal. Nearly everyone I coach struggles with it. The good news is that a three-step process can help.

List your core values or the three to five things that matter most to you. These are the guiding principles in your life.

  • Take a rough inventory of how you spend your time and energy on an average day. If you can't come up with an "average" day, just look back to the past week or two. What percentage of your time and energy is spent on activities that align with your core values? Which of the activities that do not align with your core values can you reasonably cut?
  • For every new opportunity that comes your way, ask yourself: "If I say yes to this, to what am I saying no?" This is a powerful question. It makes trade-offs highly apparent and helps you avoid getting overwhelmed by the acute excitement of taking on something new.
I go through this process with my coaching clients at least once a year and whenever they are feeling overwhelmed. What's great is that this same process can be used on more micro-levels, too. You could very easily adapt it in the context of your exercise routine or relationships.

Remember: More may be more. But that doesn't mean more is better.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Decluttering your life is also related to limiting or de-constructing energetic chaotic fields that cause stress and damage to DNA. Use our EMF Transformers to mitigate the harmful effects of chaotic energies in your environment, and declutter your personal energy space.

The Future of Medicine Is Here Now

future medicine A common shadow side of many spiritual people is that they cannot take care of themselves because they have strongly identified with being mistreated by selfish and non-caring individuals in their past. In order not to become selfish and uncaring toward others, they will develop a proclivity toward overwork, over-promising, becoming a "yes" person, not having strong boundaries, and even self-neglect.

The subtle energy of how this belief system might manifest, you may notice that someone who feels unloved or has yet to forgive themselves will develop various forms of disease. For example:

  • Someone with a broken heart will develop heart disease.
  • Someone with a broken will to extend themselves to others will develop anxiety and depression.
  • Someone with anger and resentment that has not yet been resolved will develop arthritis or irritable bowel disease.
  • Ancient healing modalities such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine openly acknowledge the emotional (and therefore energetic) components of all disease.
Cancer, for example, has begun to be researched under newly dubbed field of medical research called psychoneuroimmunology. And in an article published by a mainstream medical journal, the European Journal of Cancer we learn that the disease is linked with emotional stress with down-regulation of the immune system. The research presented explains how depression suppresses killer T cells in the body, retards the repair of damaged DNA and trigger aptosis (cell death). The writers conclude that "psychological or behavioral factors may influence the incidence or progression of cancer through psychosocial influences on immune function and other physiological pathways."

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: The tendency is to think that "subtle energy" is subtle. Yes, it is difficult to measure with current standard, mainstream technologies, yet the fact remains that these fundamental energies are literally the building blocks of reality. To acknowledge and work with them is the key to creation. Use our Cosmic Eye elixir to increase latent abilities to see energies and work with them in your daily life.

Silence is Golden

golden silence Studies have shown that excessive environmental noise not only decreases one's quality of life and cognitive function, but also reduces lifespan. The good news is that spending time in silence can reverse these effects.

There is scientific evidence that supports the negative effects of noise on our health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) examined and quantified noise's health burden based on a European study that involved 340 million people living in Western Europe. It found that residents were cumulatively losing about a million years off their lives due to noise every year. That's like one in every three people losing an entire year off their life due to excessive noise.

A study that was published in 2011 in Psychological Science examined the effects Munich's airport had on children's health and cognition. Professor Gary W. Evans of Cornell University noted that the children who were exposed to noise developed a stress response that caused them to ignore the noise. These children not only ignored harmful noises, but also regular stimuli that are important to pay attention to like speech. Wonder why people have trouble paying attention these days? Perhaps we are exposed to too much noise and too many sounds.

An interesting study observed the effects of noise, music, and silence on the brain. The study was published in the journal Heart and found that the two minute pauses randomly placed between the "relaxing music" in the study were far more relaxing for the brain than the relaxing music. The longer the silence, the more benefits experienced by the participants. Study author L. Bernardi found that his "irrelevant" blank pauses were the most important aspects of the study. Silence is heightened by contrast.

The practical end of this would look like making an extra effort to be or spend time in silence. This means no music, movies, friends, conversations, phone chimes, etc., even if it's only for 30 minutes or an hour each day. This silence not only allows your brain to restore its cognitive functions like creativity, but it can give you the opportunity to disconnect, quiet down and connect with yourself as well.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use our Inner Peace Crystal to harmonize and mitigate jagged anergies in the environment and assist with taking advantage of "quiet time" that is so important for mind-body health.

Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Interesting Point of View (IPOV)

IPOV I love this tool from the research of Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness. This is very handy when the monkey mind is jumping all over the place, usually in a crowd of people, where we're picking up all kinds of thoughts and attitudes that aren't ours. Some of them, we may really believe, and when you can catch yourself believing some judgement or conclusion about someone or something, say, "Interesting Point of View I have that Point of View." This sets up a "two-point" in consciousness and collapses the wave holding the fixed point of view in place. This is especially valuable in close relationships, where we are particularly susceptible to victim/perpetrator strategies. If there is emotional charge associated with the viewpoint, repeat the statement several times until the energy releases. From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Edwin Harkness Spina

Edwin Spina Edwin Harkness Spina is an award-winning author, speaker and mystic. He is the author of Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secrets Revealed, and the developer of Energy Center Clearing and Higher Self Integration, a methodology created to align, balance and center individuals moving through these tumultuous times. He specializes in connecting people to their higher selves, leading to greater intuition, clarity and joy. He has created CDs and audiobooks entitled, Total Love Immersion, Escaping the Matrix, and Merging With Your Higher Self. Ed lives in Los Angeles, CA, and lectures around the world offering Energy Clearings in person and remotely. Through higher levels of energy perception and sacred knowledge, Edwin's guidance, insights and healing work have recently been upgraded to address the many Ascension challenges facing humanity in this year of 2019 and beyond. With his ability to perceive multi-dimensional activity, attachments, and interference levels that most simply do not perceive, Edwin is able to completely clear and eliminate spiritual attack, including toxic entities, AI implants, negative portals and heavier karmic conditions. He is known as a healer's healer and master-teacher, who can address the many unique symptoms and conditions now affecting all brave souls working on the front lines of our monumental planetary shift and ultimate ascension. WEBSITE

Company & Product News

New Affiliates Offer Amazing Products
affiliates We are now featuring in the web store four new affiliate partners with incredibly helpful and healing products and formulas. Subtle Energy Sciences offers digital subtle energy downloads for your computer and smartphone. These digitized creations contain the wave form energy of such items as CBD, Carbon 60, marine plankton, Oxygen, Monoatomic Gold, and many others. The advantage is, once you own the software, it's permanent, so you don't have to keep buying when you run out! VibesUp offers several versions of their "Nature's Energy" technology, using crystalline structures embedded in such items as shoe inserts, plate mats (eating), water bottles, and much more. They also offer essential oils and gemstones. Great store! IAwake, offers a powerful meditation technology that applies subtle energy principles to their audio recordings giving them a quantum leap in potency and effectiveness. Choose from several programs, such as "Workout Ecstasy", "Profoundly Releasing", "Deep Theta", and many more. The Academy of Fragrance Alchemy by psychic and seer, Almine, offers essential oils and magical elixirs based in ancient alchemical principles, to assist in personal transformation and manifestation. Fascinating collections! So check them out at the these links, or stop by the store and click on "Affiliate Partners".

Clean Sweep: Instant Relief from Negative Energies
clean sweep Clean Sweep was developed in the laboratory by a team of quantum physicists. They were researching a way to clear unwanted energies or frequencies from the lab in order to make testing more accurate. In the process of this research, they discovered a way to infuse ionized water so that when sprayed into the environment, it neutralized all forms of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and even deadly Gamma radiation. Later, in human trials, Clean Sweep showed the remarkable property of also neutralizing negative emotions and feelings in humans, and was able to reduce stress response not only in humans, but also in animals and even plants. The effect of Clean Sweep is immediate, as it swiftly calms the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems. Great for contentious business meetings, family get togethers, upset infants, stressed out pets, and even house or garden plants that have been shocked. Clean Sweep is also extremely effective in clearing energies from doctors' offices, yoga studios, healer treatment rooms, car rentals, hotel rooms and aircraft. Clean Sweep is also an excellent self-treatment aid that creates a "bubble" of zero-negative space, making it much easier to meditate or concentrate on a task. The effect lasts approximately 3-6 hours, and with a few spritzes into the corners of a room, the space is cleared. Check out the Clean Sweep testimonials, and give Clean Sweep a try! Clean Sweep is available in three sizes and a concentrate, with case prices available. MORE INFO / ORDER

Subtle Energy Infused Hemp Oil
hemp oil Vital Force Technology (VFT) lab has created Vital360 CBD formula that combines several energy patterns based on different extracts of the Cannabis plant and infused them into the full spectrum cannabinoid extract (Elixinol Hemp Oil). This differs from other hemp oils on the market in that more healing constituents of the cannabis plant are represented energetically within the oil, using a proprietary process developed by Russian physicist, Dr. Yury Kronn. This process increases the healing potential of the oil up to several orders of magnitude. Numerous studies confirm the importance of the endocannabinoid signaling system in decreasing acute and chronic pain, especially from inflammation. VitalForce360 Hemp Oil improves the body's homeostasis mechanism by supporting the human endocannabinoids system; improves overall wellness; is calming and soothing to the senses; helps replenish and sustain the body during stress; and improves poor concentration and overall weakness. Available in two levels of CBD concentrations. MORE INFO

Mystic Broadcast Radio is Back on the Air!
MBN Thanks to the generous donation of a beloved fan, our own Mystic Broadcast Radio is now vibrating the airwaves once again. MBN features "cosmic chill" music tracks, reports from leaders in consciousness-raising and research, inspirational content, the latest on cosmic disclosure, as well as Boyd Martin's "This Quantum Life" podcasts. At midnight and at noon, we broadcast a special discount code you can use to get 30% off anything in the Pure Energy Rx store! Tune in to the mystic broadcast of oneness emanating from every point in the universe!
Gem Elixir for the Month

Black Tourmaline
"Stone of Cleansing and Protection"

black tourmaline

Spiritually: Grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances all the chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body. Clears the aura.

Emotionally: Aids in understanding, removes blockages and disperses negative energy. Awakens altruism.

Mentally: Powerful mental healer. Promotes clear, rational thought processes.

Physically: May be useful as a healing tool, for grounding, for clearing, balancing and connecting meridians and chakras. May strengthen the immune system, defend against debilitating conditions, relieve pain and realign the spinal column.

Black Tourmaline Elixir is on sale till 3/31/19 for 30% off with discount code BLACKT30

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