Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Company News!

Our brand new BETA site! Pure Energy Rx
We are excited to announce that we have created a new website, Pure Energy Rx. This website has an updated shopping cart, and will soon have an easily accessible research library about the use of subtle energy in health and healing. It will also be where the Quantum Health Newsletter will live. The Subtle Energy Solutions website will stay active, although will not be updated, so for the latest products and formulas to enhance the mind-body connection, visit Pure Energy Rx. Make sure to "like" our Facebook page and watch for special discounts and giveaways on that page. All the links in this newsletter go to the new site. The Subtle Energy Solutions site is still up and functioning for those of you preferring that tradition!
NEW from Energy Tools: EMF Transformers
EMF Transformer Dr. Yury Kronn, the inventor and developer of our subtle energy formulas has completed research on the new EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Transformers. They are soft plastic strips with a strong adhesive so they can be attached to any source of EMF, such as your smart phone, home wi-fi router, your laptop, PC, HDTV--even your microwave and other source points for EMF in the home and office. They comes in two sizes and either clear or black.

EMF Transformers™ do not interfere with the signal or function of any electronic device or phone, and their ability to counteract the effects of EMF is permanent. The EMF Transformer™ protects the user in two ways: by transforming the electromagnetic field and reducing SAR (the absorption rate of radio frequency energy) and by maintaining the dynamic equilibrium of the brain waves while you are working on or in close proximity to your lap top or wireless devices. This greatly reduces fatigue and neurological stress (see real-time EEG photos of the EMF Transformers in action).

Gem Elixir for the Month of April

"Stone of Clarity"

Spiritually: Cleanses the aura allowing the soul's light to shine out. Removes blockages in and activates the crown chakra linking it to divine light. It reminds you of your soul's aspirations and aids spiritual evolution.

Emotionally: Imparts fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. Clears emotional and mental pain, reduces fear and brings about new beginnings. Stimulates the imagination and inventiveness.

Mentally: Provides a link between the intellect and the higher mind. Brings clarity of mind and aids enlightenment.

Physically: May be useful for a broad range of brain conditions, brain tumors, problems with the pituitary and pineal glands, conditions of the mid-brain, other brain imbalances and left-right brain disorders including autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, physical coordination and visual problems. Traditionally used to possibly counteract poisons. May help glaucoma, clears sight.

Diamond Intelligent Elxir is on sale this month for 30% off with discount code DIAMOND30 (enter the code in the indicated box as you checkout through the website shopping cart).