Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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How you eat is more important than what you eat

eating Mind-Body Nutrition focuses on how the mind has a profound influence on the body when it comes to how we metabolize a meal. More specifically, Mind-Body Nutrition looks at the psychophysiology of how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning and all the nutritive functions of the body are literally and scientifically impacted by stress, relaxation, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, pleasure, eating rhythm, eating speed, awareness, our personal story, and more...

To put it another way: What we eat is half the story of good nutrition--the other half of the story is who we are as eaters. That is, the person who we are literally and scientifically influences how we digest, absorb and calorie burn a meal. Previously in the field of nutrition, we've made the assumption that the nutritional value of a meal is given exclusively in the nutrients it contains--macronutrients, micronutrients and so on. So if you wanted to know the value of a meal, you'd merely look at the label and the nutrient profile.

But nutrition is way more interesting than that. The error in thinking here, is that just because a food has a specific nutrient content doesn't mean we will ABSORB all of those nutrients. We need to look at the person who's ingesting that food. We need to look at how their physiology is being impacted by mind and emotions. We need to ask the question "Are we in the optimum state of digestion, assimilation and calorie burning when we're eating?"

The bottom line is this: you can be eating the healthiest food in the universe, but if you aren't eating under the optimum physiologic state--which happens to be relaxation-- then you won't get even close to receiving the full nutritional value of that meal. According to the well-accepted research, stress has the following impact:

  • It de-regulates appetite and drives us to eat more
  • It increases cortisol and insulin which signal weight gain and fat storage
  • It decreases muscle growth
  • It causes digestive upset
  • It leads to intense nutrient excretion
  • It kills healthy gut bacteria
  • It increases unhealthy cholesterol levels
  • It can lower thyroid and growth hormone levels
  • It can make us more susceptible to food allergies
  • And the list goes on...
Clearly, stress has a massive impact on our health--more and more people know that these days. But here's the tricky part: We're all aware of the obvious stresses in our lives--work stress, relationship challenges, financial issues, and so on. But we often miss the powerful stressors that are more hidden.

Stress is any real or IMAGINED danger and the body's response to that danger. In other words, the brain literally doesn't distinguish between a real stress or an imagined one. If you sat in a room all by yourself, happy and content, and started thinking about the guy who did you wrong years ago, and if that story still carries a charge for you--your body would quickly shift into the physiologic stress-state--increased heart rate and blood pressure, followed by decreased digestive function; meaning you can create stress chemistry day in and day out by simply the thoughts you think.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Being mindful about how we stress ourselves is crucial to good nutrition. Eating while stressed pretty much guarantees nutrients will not be absorbed, or perfectly good food turns into poison under stress. Use our E-1 anti-stress formula as well as Clean Sweep, to pull you out of stress mode. Your body will thank you!

The skill of resilience reduces doctor visits

resilience Researchers at Harvard recently reported a potent way to keep the doctor away. And it isn't an apple a day or a new drug--it's a life skill called resilience. It's the adult equivalent of crashing into a hedge during your first bike ride without training wheels, shaking the leaves and dirt from your hair, and thinking, "Okay, that wasn't too bad. Let me try that again."

People tend to think resilience is something that lucky people have and unhappy people lack, but that's not true. It's a skill you can learn. Anyone can strengthen their resilience with practice, starting with the relaxation response--a physiologic state of deep rest induced by practices such as rhythmic breathing, mindfulness meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, or prayer. The relaxation response was first described more than 40 years ago by Dr. Herbert Benson, founder and director emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

The power of resilience is at the center of a study published recently in the journal PLoS One by Benson and his colleagues at MGH. People who graduated from a resiliency-boosting program developed by the Benson-Henry Institute, used considerably less health care services in the year following the course compared with the year before.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Experiencing a negative event, or a personal setback is not as important as what you do and feel afterwards. To assist in getting "back on the bike", use our Clean Sweep negative energy mist. Just spray it on yourself after a setback or trauma. It will neutralize the negative emotions and energies that came along with or may have even caused the event.

Mind-Body Medicine offers better prevention than conventional

meditation Mind-body medicine (MBM) is a holistic approach that has the potential to ward off more heart attacks than conventional prevention programs. That is the conclusion reached by Holger Cramer and colleagues in a systematic review and meta-analysis presented in the latest issue of Deutsches Ă„rzteblatt International. They show that MBM in cardiac patients has a positive effect on coronary events, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure.

Three of the most important risk factors for coronary heart disease—lack of exercise, overweight, and stress—are amenable to intervention. While conventional preventive measures concentrate on exercise and advice on nutrition, MBM also embraces relaxation methods and psychological motivation techniques. In the studies analyzed by Cramer et al., coronary events occurred in 68 of 307 patients who received conventional interventions but in only half as many—33/308—of those on MBM prevention programs. The authors point out that despite this positive effect MBM does not decrease mortality in cardiac patients. Nevertheless, the lower incidence of coronary events is beneficial. They therefore endorse MBM or other comparable programs for lifestyle modification.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Of course, this is not news to us! Because the body's health reflects the positive or negative state of the mind, the effects on such diagnoses as heart disease, MS, arthritis, et al., starts with mental and emotional states. The more unconscious we are of our mental and emotional states, the more "external" is our assignment of cause. The key is to raise awareness of self through meditation and mindfulness. Use our Meditation Elixirs to assist in this adventure!

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