Thursday, January 28, 2016

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Probiotics Change Emotional Responses

probiotics Researchers from UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine have determined that consuming a milk fermented with probiotics changes the brain activity of women. The UCLA medical researchers divided 36 healthy women into three groups. One group was given a milk fermented with probiotics twice a day. Another group was given a milk without the probiotics. The other group was given no milk product.

Before the study began the women underwent extensive brain MRI studies and brain activity tasking response analyses. Then the women consumed the probiotic or placebo milk for four weeks, followed by repeated testing. Along with the MRI testing, the researchers tested brain responses to emotional faces, as well as during rest. They utilized analyses that tests emotional response.

After the four weeks, those women who drank the probiotic milk had significantly different brain activity changes. Their task-related responses increased, and their activity within the sensory cortex regions changed, which was dramatically illustrated during rest periods. Their midbrain connectivity increased, which the researchers concluded probably explained their task-related response increases. Their altered brain activity also illustrated changes in the brain signaling pathways for emotional responses among the women.

The probiotics in the fermented milk included Bifidobacterium animalis, Streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, and Lactococcus lactis. Each of these species has been shown in other clinical studies to improve health among other organs and tissue regions of the body.

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Gratitude is Good for the Heart, Literally

Gratitude It is well known that mental and physical health are closely intertwined, but new data suggests your attitude may have a major influence on your heart attack risk. The latest science reveals that a "grateful heart" is a healthy heart.

Dr. Paul Mills of the University of California San Diego School of Medicine has been researching the connection between mental health and heart health for decades. A positive attitude is associated with lower heart disease risk because it reduces stress, anxiety and depression, all of which contribute to cardiovascular disease.

But what about gratitude and your heart? To answer this question, Mills designed a study. He recruited 186 men and women with heart disease and came up with a gratitude questionnaire. What he learned was, the more grateful people are, the healthier they are. Mills also performed blood tests to measure inflammation levels. Inflammation strongly correlates with the buildup of arterial plaque and the development of heart disease. Interestingly, the most grateful individuals showed the lowest inflammatory markers.

Mills then dug in deeper with a follow-up study involving gratitude journaling. After two months, individuals with a history heart disease who kept gratitude journals enjoyed a decrease in their overall cardiac risk, whereas a non-journaling group did not. Mills isn't certain how gratitude helps the heart but believes the key may be reduced stress. These results aren't surprising in light of previous studies linking negative emotional states with increased risk of heart attack and stroke. A 2012 review of 200 studies by the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that optimism and happiness do indeed reduce cardiovascular risk.

Robert A. Emmons heads up a long-term research project designed to create and disseminate scientific data on the nature of gratitude, its causes and potential consequences for human health and well-being. Neuroscientist Emiliana Simon-Thomas, the science director of Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) at UC Berkeley, works alongside Emmons in the study of gratitude. Simon-Thomas reports:

"After eight weeks of practice, brain scans of individuals who practice gratitude have stronger brain structure for social cognition and empathy, as well as the part of the brain that processes reward."

Simon-Thomas has also seen gratitude relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress and helps individuals with PTSD recover more quickly. Studies involving trauma survivors (Vietnam vets and 9/11) have found gratitude to be a significant factor in healing from trauma.

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Good germs we are...

germs Once considered the cause of most disease, "germs" are now increasingly being recognized as essential to our survival and well-being by extending our genetic capabilities with "supra human" powers.

There are deep-seated "mutations" in our genome, some of which do things like limit the production of the active form of folate (a B Vitamin), known as 5-methylenetetrahydrafolate. These defects can have a are associated with a wide range of health problems related to this type of folate deficiency. There is, however, a well known strain of Lactobacillus helviticus found in fermented dairy products that produces the missing folate metabolite for us in our gut. Examples like this show that the microbiome can fill genetic gaps within our bodies, literally plugging holes with "epigenetic glue" in what would otherwise be the sinking ship of the languid adaptability of the human genome.

Moreover, remarkable research last year shows that there is a human strain of bacteria in the microbiome capable of synthesizing vitamin C, essentially challenging the prevailing view that humans are incapable of producing vitamin C. Also last year, a chlorophyll metabolite found in the gut known as pyropheophorbide-a was found to "super charge" our mitochondria in producing the energy enzyme ATP (without the concomitant increase in free radicals), essentially disproving the long-held assumption that humans can not directly harvest sunlight and convert it into metabolic energy like plants; it turns out we can! So many apple carts are being overturned, thanks to our growing awareness of the seeming miraculous capabilities of the microbiome and its metabolites.

Increasingly, research on the microbiome and its ability to extend our genetic/epigenetic capabilities giving us "supra human" powers, such as profoundly enhanced digestion, assimilation, immunity, synthesis of vitamins, is accumulating in the biomedical literature.

The human genome, after all, contains approximately 23,000 protein-coding genes, while the human microbiome contributes about 42,000,000 such genes by the trillions of bacteria and viruses. Together, they exert far more influence via epigenetic mechanisms than the primary sequences in our DNA. The point, of course, is to humble ourselves to the realization that we are more "germ" than "human" as far as both the number, and genetic capabilities, of these microbes.

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