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Deepak Chopra's List of Top 8 Mind-Body Breakthroughs

Deepak Chopra

Since Deepak began advocating the mind-body connection thirty years ago, a time of great opposition among physicians to the very notion that thoughts have physical consequences, the trend has been entirely against the physicalist position, i.e., that the human body is a machine that needs fixing when it gets broken. One research after another has validated what should have been obvious in the first place: mind and body are too intimately related to be seen as separate entities.

Several principles can be listed that are backed by the best science, and yet which have had minimal impact in a doctor's daily practice.

  • Every cell is in some form of communication with the brain, either directly or indirectly, is receiving messages triggered by all of our thoughts, feelings, moods, expectations, and beliefs.
  • Experience gets transformed and metabolized, exactly as food, toxins, pollutants, air, and water get metabolized. In a word, if you want to see what your experiences were like yesterday, look at your body today. If you want to see what your body will be like tomorrow, look at your experiences today.
  • The body is a verb, not a noun. In other words, it's a continuous unbroken process.
  • Cells are born and die; atoms and molecules fly in and out of each cell constantly. Yet despite this constant flux, the blueprint of the cell remains intact. This blueprint is invisible, intelligent, dynamic, and self-organizing.
  • Lifestyle choices make the dominant difference between wellness and chronic illness. Years, sometimes decades before symptoms appear, cells can be gaining negative input that lead to the onset of disease.
  • Our genes are dynamic and respond to everyday experiences and lifestyle choices. Habits lead to longer term changes in the programming of our gene expression via “epigenetics”, as explained in our book “Super Genes”.
  • If we knew the pivot point that creates positive cellular activity out of positive experiences, a state of radical well-being is possible.
  • Purely mental practices, especially meditation, have been shown over and over to improve various physical functions, and these improvements are now known to extend all the way down to gene activity.

We choose to celebrate the victory of the mind-body perspective. But, it will take a fusion of psychology, genetics research, brain studies, and wisdom from the world's healing traditions to actually break though to a practical kind of qualia medicine. The challenge is clear, and so is the positive trend toward solving it. On this basis, the possibility of radical well-being exists here and now, with every hope that it will expand into an unlimited future.

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Is Society Failing to Develop its New Spiritual Leaders?

Dalai Llama Leonard Perlmutter, philosopher, author and founder of The American Meditation Institute (AMI), called the mass shooting at an LGBT Orlando nightclub a "clarion call for the nation's educators to incorporate meditation and its allied disciplines into every level of education––from grade school to graduate school."

Perlmutter said, "Today, meditation can emspower us all to transform the consciousness of fear and anger into understanding and compassion. Daily meditation can provide the blueprint, resources and inspiration to explore beyond the boundaries of habitual thinking, feeling and unexamined reasoning. All the answers to the questions, ‘What is to be done and what is not to be done,' are waiting for each of us in the silence of meditation. Unless we can consciously know and examine the silent space between thoughts, we will never be able to think clearly enough to resolve our most pressing problems.

"Our educational system does a fine job training skilled workers," Perlmutter noted, "yet it isn't training the kind of philosophers and sages who once helped guide humanity. Those intuitive leaders have too often been replaced by well-intentioned, but parochially-minded individuals whose limited perspectives only assure that the blind of one generation will continue to lead the blind of the next generation."

Then he concluded, "Meditation for every woman, man and child––regardless of their religious beliefs––is not simply a good idea, it's a dire necessity. I call upon our nation's local and state boards of education as well as the boards of directors at every American college and university to incorporate mandatory classes in meditation. When this occurs, our educational institutions will not simply train people how to make a living, but how to live lives that reflect the wisdom, creativity, fairness, compassion and inclusive sense of community that can redefine what it means to be a human being."

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Tai Chi Better Than Physical Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis

tai chi Mainstream medicine is coming around to the efficacy of the ancient art of Tai Chi. Although sounding a big begrudging, Christine Wang, M.D. did have this to say about a year-long trial: "Physical therapy, a globally recommended element of the standard care regimen for knee osteoarthritis, produces moderate benefits for pain and physical functioning, but data on psychological well-being and durability effects are limited. Identifying new and effective treatments for patients with knee osteoarthritis is an urgent clinical and public health priority."

During a period of 52 weeks, researchers conducted a single-blind, comparative effectiveness trial of 204 participants with symptomatic and radiographic knee osteoarthritis. Patients were randomly assigned to either a standardized tai chi regimen of twice per week for 12 weeks or a standard physical therapy twice per week for 6 weeks and then 6 weeks of home monitored exercise. The investigators measured WOMAC scores at 12 weeks, as well as depression, physical function, quality of life and medication use.

Results showed both groups demonstrated improved WOMAC pain scores after 12 weeks. Scores in the tai chi group dropped by 167 points (95% CI, 145-190) and scores in the physical therapy group dropped by 143 points (95% CI, 119-167). In addition, both groups experienced similar improvements in all secondary outcomes at 24 weeks and 52 weeks.

Researchers reported that participants in the tai chi group showed greater improvements in physical aspects of quality of life and depression. Furthermore, the benefits of tai chi were consistent among instructors and no serious adverse events were reported.

"The results of this comparative effectiveness trial support the supposition that tai chi, a multicomponent mind-body exercise, improves pain and well-being in patients with knee osteoarthritis," Wang and colleagues concluded. "Despite the substantial differences in delivering a mind-body intervention to a group and physical therapy to individual persons, both interventions produced similar effects in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Therefore, standardized tai chi should be considered as an effective therapeutic option for knee osteoarthritis. Further examination of the disease-modifying mechanisms of successful mind-body medicine will better inform clinical decision-making for patients with this therapeutically challenging disorder."

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