Sunday, December 11, 2016

Top 5 Subtle Energy Infused Gift Ideas

Since the holidays are upon us, we decided to list our TOP 5 Gift Ideas for the season.  Choose any of these gifts for others as well as yourself, and use the coupon code GIFT20 for 20% off.

# 5
Our popular "clearing" mist is truly amazing. Anyone who tries it, remarks about Clean Sweep's ability to calm and expand energies. It neutralizes harmful EMF radiation, electrical interferences, and even negative human emotions. Feeling down or grumpy?  Mist yourself and instantly notice a difference. Kids upset?  Animals frightened?  Bad "vibes" at the office?  All of these respond instantly to Clean Sweep. A great gift for the socially sensitive person your life. ($25.00 without discount--also available in 2 oz. and 16 oz. sizes)
# 4
A perfect addition to your family's or personal first aid kit. Each formula in the pack addresses specific areas of the body. E-1: nervous system; E-2: Digestive system; E-4: Immune system. The E-3 "miracle cream" is a topical for pain relief--great for bruises, cuts, insect bites, muscle aches and pains.  Daily use of these formulas has long-term far-reaching benefits.  Easy system to remember. Excellent gift for that health conscious, active person in your life. ($90.00 without discount)
# 3
Perfect for that meditator or yoga fanatic in your life!  These heavenly aromatherapeutic mists stimulate the specific major energy centers of the body. Developed by renown aromatherapist, Candice Covington (Chopra Center), these mists create an immediate change in the energy of the chakra addressed. Simply mist around you, or even an entire room. The difference will be palpable. Also great for the spiritually-centered person or family member in your circle. ($190.00 without discount - 7 4 oz. bottles)
# 2
Science has confirmed that electro-magnetic radiation can be a hazard to human health, particularly with cell phones, microwave ovens and other home electronics. Luckily, subtle energy comes to the rescue!  These unique subtle energy infused adhesive strips literally transform the harmful radiations into positive bio-energies when in proximity to an EMF source. This remarkable technology has been tested extensively at the Univ. of California by several scientists (info included with the transformers). Great for the family person in your life concerned for their children's health and well-being. Comes in black and clear, large and small, depending on the application. ($39.00 or $49.00 without discount)
# 1
We love these crystals!  Infused with potent subtle energy developed by Russian physicist, Dr. Yury Kronn, these crystals emit a palpable energy.  There are several styles of crystals, and several different subtle energy infusions to choose from. The crystals come in an attractive gift box and all crystals have a finding attached.  Just add a chain or cord to start wearing these amazing crystals and feel the difference yourself. Or, simply carry the crystals on your person. Available energies include Healing Love, Success & Achievement, Chakra Protection, Inner Peace and more.  Use these crystals along with our incredible Meditation Elixirs for a quantum leap in effect.  Great gift for the energy sensitive person in your world, the meditator, and spiritualist.  (Prices vary depending on style).
These thoughtful gifts are sure to be a hit with your family and friends for the holidays. Make sure to order by December 15th to ensure on-time delivery. Use discount code GIFT20 for 20% off!
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